easter kids

hey, i like this one!

Is it too late to post Easter pictures? I'm not sure of the protocol here.

Well, either way, here are the kids, all clean, shiny and coordinated. I'm not sure how those skirts got done, but I can tell you that a lot of gathering is a close relative of love. Kit got a skirt too, but it was late and I forgot the rick-rack. See?

big hallie tears

Also note that Kit does not have a green sweater. That is because Children's Place doesn't make matchy-matchy things in Kit's size...and apparently no matter how hot the dryer gets, you just can't shrink a sweater for a 6-month old to fit an American Girl doll. I'm sure if you weren't starting this process at 8:30 on the Saturday night preceding Easter you would be able to cut the sweater up and sew it to fit the doll...but I wasn't in that category. Kit also went to church shoeless as no one knows where her shoes are and I drew the line at her wearing Strawberry Shortcake's pink booties.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I heard over on Facebook that Cal's tie is "tight" and "ballin'"...and now my vocabulary is "fresh".

For any interested parties, these Twirly Skirts are pretty easy to make. It's the same skirt I made for Maggie's 6th birthday...and it works with a tutu under it for the poofiness that is much desired at a tea party.


Kate Alesso said...

Several things:
First: Mo, you are an amazing mother. Who would even attempt to shrink a green sweater for her daughter's doll. Very kind of you. How wonderful!
Also: Can your children get cuter? Goodness, I hope not--the world won't be able to handle it.
Lastly: I love all your blogging. How fabulous.

That is all. Carry on. :D

Jolie said...

Thanks for posting the tutorial Mo, I may need to give this a try for the girls. Nice job!!

Rebecca said...

adorable kiddos!

I am Rebecca from www.zeahrenaissance.blogspot.com

I wanted to thank you for popping by my blog. I left you a comment (late) and then thought you might not check back, SO....I stalked you.

yes. I did.

You asked about a mens' tie pattern. Here is an online tutorial. (a good one!)

Hopefully, it isn't too late...


MillerMilieu said...

Mo, you are supermom! i don't know how you have time to make anything other than meals! i am chasing after kids and appointments at church and somewhere in there i throw a meal together!

you children are adorable and as it is that we are sorta close to each other, maybe we can find time for a visit!

bean said...

Rebecca - thanks for the link! I'll have to try that men's tie now. :)

Tara, nononono. I am the furthest thing from supermom, lol. Other stuff just didn't get done. If I remember correctly, the living room looked like a bomb went off. That would be very fun to see you all! I'm sure the kids would think it was awesome too. :)

Cheryl Mills said...

If you are interested in making men's ties you might check out the fabric store on Queen Anne's Hill in Seattle. It is called Nancy's Sewing Basket. They have some amazing silks, which is what most men's ties are made of. A word of warning though, it is dangerous to walk into a real nice fabric store. It can sure fill your head with ideas.

bean said...

Cheryl! I want to go there! And to your house! We need to make pants, lol. I'm finishing up my first tie (kids size) out of just cotton, and it's fun!!! I am not sure how it's going to end up, but we'll see. :) This fundraiser is using up all my time right now, but I really do want to do the pants with you. For real.

bean said...

And Katie, how did I never respond to you? And sorry my fabulous blogging hasn't continued, lol. :) Love you!

Kate Alesso said...

Haha, love you too Mo! Don't worry, I know you're incredibly busy.
The men's tie thing is ingenious. I may want to start learning how to do that--let me know how that ends up, because after grad, I think I feel an etsy coming on...