racing maggie

posted by SKH

Yesterday I came home to find Maggie "playing winter." She was wearing bright yellow mittens, a bright yellow beanie, a golden "fa'ncee" dress, and sunglasses to protect her eyes from glare. I did take a picture and maybe Mo will post it later.

But today's getup required a short video. Wearing her new flip-flops, her sunglasses, her wedding dress, and her "puke hat" (that is, the hat she wears when she's not feeling well), she told me about her upcoming horse race.


cutting trim with calvin

posted by SKH

Our house is one large construction site. If you come for a visit you are likely to hear hammers hammering, drills drilling, and saws sawing. Tonight we noticed that Calvin was particularly fascinated by the chop saw as Boppa cut trim for one of the closets.


calvin's first solids

posted by SKH

I realize that for some of you this might be extremely boring, but here is the first (of hopefully many more) video for hobbsandbean.


How to get all those cute pictures for yourself

posted by SKH

Hello from the Void!

I promised my wife (and various long distance family members) that I would contribute a brief post on how to get all these great pictures from hobbsandbean onto their own computers. Those of you who already know how to do this can feel free to skip the rest of this article.

Place your cursor/arrow over the picture you want. In almost every case the arrow will turn into a hand. This indicates that you are not yet currently viewing the biggest version of that particular picture.

Click once on the picture you want and it will open a window with the biggest version available. Now that you are viewing the biggest version you should "right-click" (*use the right button instead of the left button on your mouse) and select the option: "Save Picture As..."

This will open a box that allows you to choose the folder on your computer where you would like to save the picture (most of you will simply choose "My Pictures"). You may also rename the picture if you desire so that you can easily find it at a later time.

Some of the earliest pictures (from January 2006) do not have a bigger version. In other words, what you see on the hobbsandbean page is the biggest it gets. Your cursor will remain an arrow (and not turn into a hand) when you place it over pictures that do not have a bigger version available. You can still save these pictures to your computer with the right-click method mentioned above, just without the additional step of opening the bigger version first.