sneak peak : maggie's birthday

Just a couple pictures that Sean took yesterday...

Here Maggie is rejoicing in her "hew-meht" on her new bike!

Calvin is watching Maggie with some jealousy. He has already been struggling with a burning desire to run like Maggie, and now she has her own set of wheels and can move really fast! But Annie Grook saved the day by sending a cool knitted ball (the ultimate combination of siblings - baseball-Sean and Knitting-Brooke?).


feeding brother

posted by SKH

It is always nice to have a little help around the house.


not quite, but that baby does

Sean just sent me this ad that Jesse Martin, our super-photographer friend, recently made for his design business. I obviously had to share it with everyone.

The reason for Calvin's happiness in the picture? Testosterone, apparently. He had just escaped all the girls that had been playing with him at Ichthus to hang with the men (Jonathan Sarr, one of his favorite men, is holding him). For those of you that haven't seen Calvin do this in person, he makes loud grunting noises when he sees men that he knows - it's like he's calling to them, "Hey! I am one of you! Come get me! These girls are boring!".

Jesse, we'll be looking for the check in the mail - Calvin's college fund thanks you.


maggie and calvin hit the shelves

Sean and The Intern were at Paper Zone the other day (which I find kind of funny in and of itself), and while they were shopping they came across these two die-cut alphabet sets, apparently named after our kids. Kind of weird. I think Calvin's is a little girly for the manly baby-reformer that he is.


big blog bulletin

Well, I've decided this can't wait any longer. I have about a million other things that I should be doing instead of posting this, but who cares. It's not even a post regarding our kids, which is the actual (often unfulfilled) purpose of this blog, but I'm too excited to keep it to myself. It's a post on my blog about my blog. Pretty exciting.

Things here at hobbsandbean are generally pretty low key. When I first started the blog, I expected visits from Sean, grandparents, aunts, uncles and various other relatives. I'm pretty sure that is what would have happened if Sean hadn't posted about hobbsandbean, but since he did, I have gotten a surprising amount of visitors. Sean also set me up with Sitemeter so I could see where my visitors were and how they got to me. I hardly ever check it, but I recently did, and here are a couple things I learned...
  • Most hobbsandbean visitors come from tohuvabohu. Clyde, Leila and Ben + Melissa also pass along a lot of visitors from their blogs.
  • hobbsandbean has been visited through a few Google searches, including...
(Okay, now we're at the really cool part.)

The other thing I saw at Sitemeter was that I was getting visitors from Pecadillo. For those of you not in the know, Pecadillo is an old friend of ours and quite the comical and popular blogger. We here at the Higgins Casa are big fans. In fact, it was an extremely momentus occasion when tohuvabohu became a Gold Star Blog in Pecadillo's blogroll. I was very curious to see how I was getting visitors from his site. I would have been really excited to just to have been linked to in a post or comment or something, but it was even better than that!


And I'm not just on the blogroll in some regular old category, I have my own! (Mrs. Turk, you better not start blogging. I like my special status.)

Well, that is the big blog bulletin. Hope you are as excited as I am.