feeding brother

posted by SKH

It is always nice to have a little help around the house.


Tk log said...

That is just priceless...

grins said...

Isn't it incredible that when a person is feeding someone else (whether the feeder is 3-going-on-4 or 84), the feeder always opens his/her mouth as if trying to help the feed-ee?

What a commendable job, Maggie!!! Not only are you helping in such a big way by feeding your brother, you are also teaching him such wonderful manners in saying "please." Your mama and dada must be so proud of you! And I know your grandma is proud of you, too!

Love and Hugs to All

theGracegirl said...

Whoa! I was just about to say that same thing about the feed-er helping the feed-ee! I always find that funny. And at least in our family, sometimes I find it fascinating to watch people cut with scissors. (Insert video of jaw moving at scissor rhythm.)

By the way, someday you're going to be really glad you took these videos. Little kid giggles and grunts are so easily forgotten. What a cool thing to be able to cherish those.

Pecadillo said...

Okay, I was the youngest, so I didn't grow up helping my mom with younger siblings and I've never really been around little kids. I'm fairly inexperienced with children other than the fact that I'm on a similar level of intelligence and basic reading comprehension skills.

Maggie intimidates me.

She's able to teach kids about manners, accurately negotiate a spoon while on camera, and answer questions about upcoming events. These are skills I didn't master until I was 17.