has everybody picked a moving buddy?

Okay. It's kind of completely not finished at the new place, but I'm moving anyway. No more blogspot in my name! Please join me at www.hobbsandbean.com.

If you are one of the seventy-seven people subscribed to hobbsandbean, please update your feed. But seriously, seventy-seven? There is no way that is right. I counted up everyone I could think of and I got six. I think feedburner is broken. And to be completely honest, I *think* you have to update your feed, but I'm not sure. I don't understand any of that stuff and the ever brilliant skh did it all for me. I just know that that really is the right feed. Cause he said so.

If you come on over to the new fancy site, you'll get to finally see my six-day-late weigh-in! I know you've been waiting for that. I've also got some completed (yes, that's right, completed) crafty things to show off. But that won't be till tomorrow. Or sometime in November.


NB: I lost the comments on my last few posts when we moved...please note the importance of having a good moving buddy. Sorry about that!


160.5 and other pinteresting news

So, I know I said I'd be updating at the end of the two weeks, but I think the added pressure accountability will help me keep moving along. Besides, the original plan was for me to have a weekly weigh in until I get wherever it is I'm going. I lost three pounds the first week, and I'm very thankful and pleased. The first couple of days were brutal, but I think I'm decently adjusted to the plan at this point. I do really like the structure and am finding that I'm thinking about food a whole lot less than I was, which is a very good thing.

In unrelated news, I am loving Pinterest. It's great. You can find me here. Pin awesome things for me to admire. skh and I were talking about ladies and social interaction and have noticed that just like in real life, it's generally better for us feminas to have something to do while we chat. Keeps our hands busy and our mouths less likely to go places it shouldn't. Ravelry totally wins in this respect for social media for me, but it's quite yarn specific and Pinterest is doing pretty well in my book. It might be a horrible idea if you struggle with envy, but I love having a place to visually file all the little bits and bobs floating around in my "someday/maybe" list and my bookmarks. And there are lots of people there with really great collections of beautiful things to peruse and be inspired by.