Calvin's third place?

posted by SKH

Tonight Maggie (with the help of her mom) hosted a Gingerbread House Making Party for half a dozen or so friends. That meant it was time for Calvin and I to see what it was like somewhere else.

The "somewhere else" we chose to check on was Starbucks. I took Maggie to Starbucks on our first date when she was around ten months old so it was about time for Calvin and I to go anyway. After charming the baristas for a sticker, the Calvinator pounded his very own chocolate milk while I sipped (perhaps somewhat ironically) a Gingerbread Latte. Together we enjoyed a cranberry/white chocolate cookie.

I'm not sure Calvin is ready to call Starbucks his third place, but that's primarily because he doesn't even have a "second" place since he's only one year old. It may also be because he isn't speaking yet.

And for everyone interested, no gingerbread was harmed in the house-making party. Instead they used graham crackers glued to small orange juice boxes.