whoa, two posts within a week?

It's Maggie's seventh birthday today!

Oh, wait, it's already 12:18am.

It was Maggie's seventh birthday yesterday!

For a multitude of reasons that I may or may not elaborate on at another time when I'm not supposed to be sleeping, we are celebrating throughout the week - Seven Days of Turning Seven!

I really can't believe she's seven. We love this girl.

Check out the pictures by clicking below...

once kit was free, she was given a lot of affection

Oh, wait! There's more. Video and everything, courtesy of skh.

If you have a hankering for more moving Higgins children, you can wander around Vimeo a little as we have a few up that haven't been blogged...since I don't blog.


hey, i've got pictures!

Well, once again, I come saying that I really do have some posts that have been percolating for many moons. Someday, someday, they may actually emerge. Many things, including my absolute lack of writing skillz, are slowing that process...so for now, I bring you...


And really, I know that's why you are here anyway. Who cares about serious, thought-provoking posts when you have kids that look like this?


Oh, wait, I don't think that was quite what I was looking for. (But if you click on goggle boy, there are more oddly endearing photos just like it.) You may also be interested in a video of similar ilk.

So, let's get going.

First up, Hallie is ten months old. How did that happen? I have no idea. I feel like I just took this exact picture of Maggie. (Who, despite all of my efforts to convince her to get younger, is going to be SEVEN on Tuesday.) I have taken a monthly picture of each of my chillens, and this is Hallie's ten-month installment.

You may wonder why I haven't posted other pictures from the series...and I wonder that as well. Most of it is because when I start doing that, I think about how cute it would be to post Maggie's and Cal's with Hallie's...and then I start wondering where those (pre-digital, totally unorganized) pictures are and I get up to start looking for them, on the way see a few papers that need to be dealt with, smell a diaper that needs changing...and things go downhill from there pretty rapidly.

So...I'm just gonna go with what I have. Here is Hallie. Did I mention that she's ten months old?

this is as good as it gets

Click the picture to see the rest of the shoot. Unfortunately, this was her least happy session so far, but there is one decent shot of where Hallie has eaten away part of her crib.


Next exciting event! Last week a big giant box of awesomeness arrived at our house from Grandma Higgins. I was waiting to post pictures until I took a picture of all the stuff, just so you could really appreciate how awesome it was, but that just never happened. So I'll have to tell you instead. It had a lot of great things in it for the kids and I. Sean was left out this round, but he had all sorts of Mom Higgins awesomeness all growing up.

Anyway, the main event for the kids were the matching cowboy and cowgirl outfits. Anyone who hasn't been here for 15 seconds recently might not be aware of the all-things-cowperson obsession that our children have. Calvin, the main addict, spends 95% of his time holstered and riding some sort of "horse".

The outfits, of course, inspired a quick bunch of pictures. And somehow, there is one where all. three. children. are looking at the camera. I know you can't believe it. See for yourself...


Again, you can click it for the rest of the pictures.


Last, and certainly least, we have some hair pictures. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, well at least a galaxy before two hyperemetic pregnancies, I used to keep our child/ren immaculate. Immaculate and dressed in non-Wal-mart-shopper-attire. Maggie's hair was also always "done" in some way - never anything elaborate, but combed and out of her face. That has fallen by the wayside for a long time now, but today I was feeling like it was time to start moving that direction again.

Another benefit to this activity is the string-tying that it accomplishes with my very (very, very) girly eldest daughter. She was thrilled with the adorning and eager to talk about how her heart needed to be even more beautiful than her hair.

Awwwwww! Okay, so here is a not-so-exciting picture to prove that I beautified our girls.


Do you see that teeny tiny ponytail? How cute is that. It's even more Hallie Lou Who than ever. And for more...click on those pretty faces.

That's it for now! Hope to (maybe) post again in the somewhat near future.