whoa, two posts within a week?

It's Maggie's seventh birthday today!

Oh, wait, it's already 12:18am.

It was Maggie's seventh birthday yesterday!

For a multitude of reasons that I may or may not elaborate on at another time when I'm not supposed to be sleeping, we are celebrating throughout the week - Seven Days of Turning Seven!

I really can't believe she's seven. We love this girl.

Check out the pictures by clicking below...

once kit was free, she was given a lot of affection

Oh, wait! There's more. Video and everything, courtesy of skh.

If you have a hankering for more moving Higgins children, you can wander around Vimeo a little as we have a few up that haven't been blogged...since I don't blog.


swingingsarr said...

H 7th B-D M.

The green sweater is sooo cute. Is it handmade??

bean said...

Hi, Sonja!

Yes, made by the knitting master herself, Annie Grook.

Isn't it awesome? I want one too! :)

Barbara said...

I hope Maggie, enjoyed the other 5 days of her birthday celebration as much as she enjoyed the first two! Are you all still putting down floors? Am totally impressed with Calvin's hammering skills!

barb said...

that was so cool watching Maggie open her American Girl. She looked so happy:)