maggie's family

Here is the previously mentioned family portrait that Mags painted immediately upon returning home from the ultrasound.

From the left, we have Maggie, Baby Girl Higgins, Calvin, a line that apparently represents the child / parent divide, skh and it ends with me on the far right.

Here are a few observations I have.
  • We are all insanely tall and thin. Well, except for Baby Girl, I guess.
  • Sean and I have very small heads compared to our children.
  • Our Baby Girl has shoulder length blonde hair.
  • Calvin, our white haired child, is sporting a brunette look here.
  • My mouth is open. (skh found this quite amusing)
The last thing that I noticed, and it's what I love the most about the painting, is that skh's hands are shaped like hearts. I'm guessing it wasn't intentional, but I love the representation of his love for our family through his hands.


bring on the pink fuzzi bunz!

That's right, InsideBaby is a girl!

I'll try to post some ultrasound pictures tomorrow - my scanner is having some issues currently. For those of you not really in to deciphering ultrasound pics, you can just shut your eyes and picture some mostly unrecognizable gray shapes with accents of black and white.

This revelation puts to rest, at least in my case, the debate as to whether HG (hyperemesis gravidarum, i.e. insane morning sickness) is tied to the baby's sex. Nope. Seems to be tied to being pregnant with anything but my first.

We're hovering very close to a decision on the name, and we'll post that as soon as we finish the summit. We had Haddon Hobbs selected for a boy, so skh did throw out something like "Haddonia" as a possibility. At least she'd never have to tack her last initial on the end to distinguish herself from all the other Haddonias.

For those wondering about reactions from the OutsideKids...Calvin made a loving noise and kissed my belly before running back to his putting. Maggie (who got to come to the ultrasound) was, and is, completely thrilled to have the future bunkmate she's been praying for. When we got home she got busy painting a picture of our new family that I will also try to post tomorrow. I'll give you a teaser - we are all VERY tall and this baby has shoulder length blonde hair.