maggie's family

Here is the previously mentioned family portrait that Mags painted immediately upon returning home from the ultrasound.

From the left, we have Maggie, Baby Girl Higgins, Calvin, a line that apparently represents the child / parent divide, skh and it ends with me on the far right.

Here are a few observations I have.
  • We are all insanely tall and thin. Well, except for Baby Girl, I guess.
  • Sean and I have very small heads compared to our children.
  • Our Baby Girl has shoulder length blonde hair.
  • Calvin, our white haired child, is sporting a brunette look here.
  • My mouth is open. (skh found this quite amusing)
The last thing that I noticed, and it's what I love the most about the painting, is that skh's hands are shaped like hearts. I'm guessing it wasn't intentional, but I love the representation of his love for our family through his hands.


Helen Ann said...

Maggie, did a wonderful job!! We all want to be just like you guys!! God has blessed your home with another precious baby for our church family to love!

bean said...

Helen, you want to be just like us...with tiny little heads?


Yay for new babies! I can't wait!!!

Joan Dabrowski said...
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Joan Dabrowski said...

Nice job Maggie! The heart hands are a nice touch. We'll work on proportion soon:)
Love you all and am rejoicing with you over baby girl!

bean said...

Joan, I need to post some of Maggie's more accomplished pieces as well so that your reputation will not be tarnished. :) We love you!

joeandtara said...

Hello desk buddy,

this is tara miller. congratulations on baby #3.

i am interested in cloth diapers and wondering how you decided on fuzzi bunnies. Bumgenius gets best reviews, but i'd like to buy used from you if i can.

i couldn't email you from your diaper site because my outlook is out of order right now.

do you use the all in ones, all the time?

i also have 3 and 5 year old bed wetters and wondered if you'd heard how these work for them? i think they'd need the large or extra large. 33# and 46#.

hope you can help.

if you want to see us visit xanga.com/joeandtara

Praying for your awful morning sickness.


theGracegirl said...

This is fantastic! I wish I could draw so well. I think I'll stick to... whatever I can do better, which isn't coming to mind right now. :)

I'm so excited for your baby girl!

sar said...

i love the drawing maggie!

maybe i will hire her to do some art for my baby's room! ask her to brush up on her drawings of africa & safari animals :D

how fun for maggie to have a baby sister! congrats to you sean, mo, maggie & calvin! how exciting!

mo, hope you feel better

Bekah said...

Did Maggie say that they were hearts on Sean's hands? I thought that they were baseball gloves!!

Leila said...

I think you both look like the painting "The Scream." I don't know what that means - that Maggie is a modernist? Let us hope not!