first wheels

posted by SKH

It is a big day in a man's life when he gets his first set of wheels. We celebrated Calvin's birthday on Monday night (though he turned 1 on Thanksgiving day), and thanks to Grandma Higgins he is cruising like never before.


fun in the snow

posted by SKH

We woke up this morning to a gorgeous 12 inches of snow on the ground and an even more glamorous Snow Day. After a hot breakfast and a pot of coffee, Maggie and I headed outside for some fun.

There are two parts to the following video. In Part 1, I throw snowballs at Mo from across the driveway. She's standing at the front door, with the front door wide open mind you, and I accidentally threw one into the house. (Note Maggie making a slide on a mound of dirt as well as the huge snowman we made earlier.)

In Part 2 of the video, Mo and I decided it was time for our cat, Newman, to join in the fun. Apparently, it was more fun for us than him.


germination celebration

posted by SKH

Mo has been very busy lately organizing our house, actually, she's been organizing and P-touching our entire lives. Anyway, she's been a bit too busy to blog so I'm pinch posting.

A long time ago we began working on our yard. You may remember Mo's post on roto tilling and my post on cultivating man. Though it was without fanfare, we did finally finish installing the sprinklers, cleaning up and leveling the yard, and then seeding and fertilizing on October 5th. Germination took a bit over a week and now we've got growing grass!

Here's a picture of our front yard I took this afternoon. The gray skies make a perfect backdrop for the new greenery.
The dirt closest to the driveway will eventually be a plant bed so don't be alarmed that it is grass bare. And though there certainly is much more grass propagation to come, there is already much grass celebration.