sometimes the picture is just too cute...

I just got bunches of pictures developed (including a lost roll from the summer), and while I don't have time to post any more than this, who could resist? Just consider it a teaser for the rest of the California pictures.


yeah, yeah

Dear Annie Grook,

Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear from you. I know what you mean about being busy. My gg and mama keep saying that I'm wearing them out with how busy I am. In fact, I'm so busy I haven't even had time to learn more words than "dada" and "mama". But I have gotten really good at signing "please" and "thank you". And now I can even run, sort of. Basically it just makes me fall a lot faster and harder than I did before. But I like it. Speaking of things that involve my feet, I've got to tell you this: my feet are really cold. I snuck a look at your blog the other day and saw that I was getting socks...I was so excited. So I started counting the days until Valentine's Day. I even threw away all of my other socks because I was so excited to get these fancy new ones. But I am glad that you were able to pursue some other knitting interests - I'd hate to keep you back from those. I just hope I can figure out a way to keep my poor little feets warm until you can send my socks. Thanks, Annie Grook.



P.S. My sissy says that her feet are cold too! Happy Valentine's Day.