kids in the sprinkler

We've been experiencing some very nice weather here for the past few days, which resulted in some sprinkler play time in our yard.

Here Calvin is avoiding the squishy grass - he got over this aversion quickly, though. Maggie thought the whole thing was great. (Yes, they both own swimsuits, but this was spur of the moment, people!)

Here, apparently, we are experimenting with the sprinkler as a drinking fountain and a hair washing station.

And, of course, anything that Calvin gets involved in has to incorporate a beloved "dodo".

kids in a van

One of my favorites from the cell phone genre - this is from our California trip in February, but I still wanted to post it.

betcha didn't know...

that my Dad was 18 months old when he first met Tom Pennington...

(Ok, I admit that this post is a little bit obscure for most of you. However, if you know Tom Pennington, it should be pretty funny. Or weird.)


what to do while stuck in a jogging stroller

Spend the entire 30 minutes picking lint from between your toes...


look out, sucka!

We have a very nice teller working in the drive-through portion of our bank. Her name is Susan, and she always asks how many little ones I have in the back of the van and sends the appropriate amount of lollipops with my receipt. Last week was the first time I actually let Calvin have his designated lollipop. I haven't in the past because I wasn't sure I could trust him to not rub the wet candy all over his face, hands, shirt and car seat. I also wasn't sure I could trust him to just lick it instead of bite off pieces that he could possibly choke on. Apparently, I was right not to trust him (don't worry, he didn't choke), but he did enjoy the process of eating his first lollipop.


you can tell a man by his bike

Cal was so excited about this motorcycle, we thought he was going to have a seizure. The owner saw Calvin admiring the bike and suggested that he hop on to check it out. Cal loved it.

On another note, here is Sean checking out a different kind of bike. Maggie had proclaimed, "Dada can't ride my bike - he's too big!" Apparently, she was wrong. He actually rode it around the gym for quite a while.