warning! men at work!

calvin's five steps to being a (future) man at work when it comes to wet fuzzi bunz...

Step one - open the pail. Well, open the pail lid. Pay no attention to whether or not the pail is actually attached to the lid. That is just an unnecessary detail.

Step two - place the wet fuzzi bunz into the pail, or the place that the pail usually is.

Step three - shut the lid.

Step four - REALLY shut the lid. At this point you may be tempted to wonder if this would be easier if the pail was actually there, but just dismiss that thought and push harder...use your entire body if necessary.

Step five - run through the house looking for more work that needs some IRS...listen to my dad's sermon if you don't know what IRS is. Oh, and pants remain optional until your mom catches you.