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The first video has been in the hopper for a while. In fact, some of you may have already seen it on our Vimeo site. But in case you haven't, you'll want to see Calvin's very own Monkey George tattoo.

Monkey George Tattoo.

The second video is from a couple Mondays ago when I was working in the yard and older kids couldn't seem to stay out of my pile.

The Pile.

And finally, what many of you have been waiting for, some moving sights and sounds of the newest little Higgins baby.

It's a Baby.


i'm guessing this was the only one like it...

Fun Fair (rifle) Gun

This is what Calvin requested for his first face painting experience. In his words, "a wy-ful gun", translated "rifle gun". Yes, we know it's not actually a rifle, but for some reason he thinks all guns are rifles.

This face painting occurred Saturday night when Sean-the-awesome-dad took the two older kidlets to the Fun Fair that our church had. I'm pretty impressed that one of my small group girls was able to paint such a nice gun with no previous experience (hi Bethany!). Here is Maggie's more traditional face painting choice, executed with glittery excellence by Kimmy...

Fun Fair Flower Face

Speaking of actual rifles, since I still haven't posted pictures from Maggie's birthday, you haven't been entertained by this one of Cal at her party.


Hey, how else is a future man supposed to enjoy a tea party?