cowgirl or movie star, you decide

Here is the picture that Sean referred to a few posts ago.

You may notice that the outfit doesn't exactly match the description he gave. That is probably due to the fact that Maggie generally changes dress-up outfits every few minutes, and no one can really keep up with that. As you can see, we have a daughter with a very active imagination and a flair for the dramatic. I think here she had moved on from "playing winter" to riding her horse to her "fah-ncee" party. The hat is a "heh-met" (in case she falls off) and she insists on wearing the sunglasses upside-down. Note the lovely plastic bracelet - she enjoys accessorizing. And while you can't see it in this picture, I'm pretty sure she's wearing her "princess shoes" - plastic heels with lavender feathery stuff all over them.

breakfast prayer

As Maggie was praying before breakfast yesterday, Calvin started making some pretty serious grunting sounds. Here is the resulting prayer...

Dear God,

Help this day to be...(insert grunting noises)...

CAAAAL-VIN! Don't poop while we're praying!

Help this day to be good.

Help my aah-tude to be good.

Help Calvin not to poo so much so we don't have to have ANOTHER diaper change.

Thank you for this food.



We are leaving tomorrow to drive to Ohio (the title of this post is how Maggie refers to that state). I have a large mountain of tasks to accomplish before we leave, but since I probably won't be posting while we are gone, I thought I'd take a few breaks today and try to get some pictures up.

Maggie also wanted me to show EVERYONE where we will be staying on the way to Grandma's house. It's actually just a Ramada Inn in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but check out Buccaneer Bay, located inside the hotel. Maggie has been yelling excitedly to everyone we talk to that we are going to the "slide pool!!!!!!".

If you think of us, pray that Calvin decides to be kind to us during the drive. He's a little unpredictable, so we don't know if we'll have happy baby or one that is really mad and screaming. If he gets too mad, maybe Maggie can intimidate him into stopping by giving this look...