where's your...


eye (and ear)?

nose (and, um, ear)?

mouth (and ear...still)?

hair (and NO ear)?

really dirty smiley face?

bad attitude after getting cleaned up?

Digital SLR camera : $900
CompactFlash cards : $60
Batteries : $20
Book for Complete Idiots : $15
Ability to take a series of pictures without wasting film : PRICELESS


Tk log said...

so cute. congrats on the camera moster.

AndyB said...

Your dirty son is definitly a good place to test out your camera. You're going to love it. If you want to borrow our tutorial DVD let us know. I expect to see a whole lot more pictures on your blog now.

Anonymous said...

This had better mean that you are going to be posting pictures weekly....
You no longer have an excuse.


clyde said...

Mo. Nice shots. May I know which camera you selected?

bean said...

Wow. I'm feeling a lot of pressure now to post.

As to the camera question - a Canon Rebel XTi. I love it. I do not forsee regretting passing up the 30D as I haven't noticed a need for metering 2-3% of the shot as opposed to 9% and I definitely haven't wished I could take 5 pictures per second instead of 3.

3monkeys said...

Mo ~ Calvin's messy orange face reminds me of your visit to GA with Maggie. The spaghetti dinner mess with 3 kids (2 yrs and younger) and the orange bath that followed. Miss you! (We have a Canon Rebel and love it!! Enjoy!)

clyde said...

Awwesome. Yeah, that seems perfect! Gude buy.