for the first time EVER

I have successfully uploaded pictures from an event...THE SAME DAY!!!

Oh, loved ones in Ohio, rejoice with me! Then enjoy the pictures from Christmas. Here are a few of my faves...

grandma's awesome calendar

attentive kids

grumpy hallie

maybe "hallie" won't cry in the car anymore!

it has a remote and everything!

he's leaping off the couch to get closer

"oh, mama! its a hello kitty something!"

Thanks to Grandma for all the fun that came in the (huge) box!


Leila said...

Why is Hally so sad...? Christmas is great (even when your gifts are stuck on a UPS truck in Arlington).

Leila said...

Did I just spell Hallie's name wrong? I should know better! Sorry!

Barbara said...

Wow! Brooke and I adore all the photos. It's Sunday around 8:30 p.m. She left around 7 to go home. We had a terrific Christmas and lots of fun with Aunt Karyl Lynn.

Thanks again for all the pictures. I'm glad the kids liked their gifts. Thanks, too, for the photos of the advent calendar. I hope it means as much to your family and children as it meant here.
Love and Hugs to All