for the first time EVER

I have successfully uploaded pictures from an event...THE SAME DAY!!!

Oh, loved ones in Ohio, rejoice with me! Then enjoy the pictures from Christmas. Here are a few of my faves...

grandma's awesome calendar

attentive kids

grumpy hallie

maybe "hallie" won't cry in the car anymore!

it has a remote and everything!

he's leaping off the couch to get closer

"oh, mama! its a hello kitty something!"

Thanks to Grandma for all the fun that came in the (huge) box!

just in case you missed it...

For those of you not subscribed to our flickr feed, I didn't want you to miss this picture. It's too cute.

Happy Hallie in the Bumbo

If you do look at our photostream, though, Happy Hallie's neighbor is a little disturbing. I'm not sure I like them next to each other.