easter happened

And I have pictures.

the winner

Click on that picture to see a bunch more.

Kit's shrug didn't make it in time. It did get done, but not for Easter. She was very sad. And cold.

Not really. Here she is modeling her shrug later.

kit modeling

Aren't you impressed that I got an American Girl doll to stand in the grass by herself? I was. Calvin was watching and laughed hysterically every time she fell over.

I also didn't get any hair things done for the girls, and both of the men's ties didn't get made either. Oh well. Who cares about things like that when this is your pack of kids?!?

yes, there is spitting going on here


Amy said...

Sooo cute!

Leila said...

Mo! That first picture is SO CUTE. GOOD JOB. You have such beautiful kiddos.

Alicia said...

Actually, glad you described how you made Kit stand. I was wondering (and was amazed by,) that VERY thing.

bean said...

Alicia, it was pretty amazing. It's all in using her arms as counterweights. I should post a tutorial.

Imperfect Christians Rock said...

makes me smile