thanksgiving at the weinberg's

I don't have a lot of pictures from Thanksgiving - wasn't really into taking pictures as Calvin was only like 36 hours old - so I'll share a few of what I do have. Here is Maggie with Auntie Sarah (Zimmer). They were exploring the Weinberg's new house and stopped at the landing to talk to us.

Here is Mags making lots of trouble with Susi Zimmer and Nathan Board.

And I know this is a picture that includes neither of our children, but look at my skinny husband! And he's even skinnier now...yikes!


Auntie Sarah said...

Oh, my goodness! What a picture. That night I had allowed Bitt to do my hair and "I tell you what -WOW". I didn't think that the whole world was going to see it! Oh well. Love you and your awesome witto ones!

Anonymous said...

wow! who is that hot Nathan Board?:) Mo I'm addicted to your site!