on demand : maggie's birthday, part 3

And now to finish the series, we move on to Red Robin for lunch and home for cake.

At Red Robin Mags enjoyed licking a substantial amount of honey mustard off of fries while cuddling up to Aunt Nancy. Later on some of the waiters and waitresses came and sang Happy Birthday very loudly...she liked that too.

Back in January Maggie had found a magazine I had with lots of different birthday cakes in it and had selected a cake for Calvin's birthday (ten months ahead) and one for hers as well (seven months ahead). She was absolutely sure that she wanted a Lollipop Garden Cake. I was absolutely sure there was no way she would eat carrot cake. So, we revised it a little - it was chocolate with green-tinted vanilla frosting. Here is my (sad) attempt to recreate her dream cake. She really liked it, and that's all that really matters for a birthday cake. (If you are wondering why there are two cakes, at our house you get your very own miniature version of whatever cake or pie you want for your birthday.)

Here is the birthday girl blowing out her candles...the end.


Leila said...

Thanks Mo! I think I had that bike...those streamers...I'm reliving face-planting on a speed-bump in our neighborhood. Good times! Thanks, as always, for sharing your kids with us.

petunia said...

Hi Morgan - Cool cakes - uh, my bday is June 8th - what can you do with strawberry licorice?

Brook Culbertson said...

Hey Friend! I love being able to keep up with your little ones at hobbsandbean. They are precious! Cali loved seeing Maggie's birthday pictures too. She completely remembers Maggie from your visit 2 years ago. We miss yall!!

aimee said...

Could you email me your phone number. I need to ask you something... It's nothing bad (I don't want you to worry).

Darlene said...

Dude, those cakes look awesme.

Pecadillo said...

If I were a smart person, I would have looked to see if anyone else had signed in on my computer before I posted that last comment. But alas I am not a smart person, nor have I ever claimed to be. Oh well, I think you would have figured it out anyway; that doesn't really sound like my mom.