zacchaeus was a flat-packed, affordable swedish man

About a month ago we got a "Wee Sing Bible Songs" cd for Maggie. I had the tape when I was growing up and really liked it. I am now beginning to see that because of my great affection for the songs, I probably drove my mother crazy. Mags has enjoyed singing a lot of the songs, and gets really excited when it is one that she sings at Sunday "cool". One of her favorites is the one about Zacchaeus...here's a little sample of how she sings it :

He cwimbed up in a sit-uh-more twee,
cause da Lord he wanted to see.
And as da Sav-or passed that way,
He look up in da twee,
and he said, "ZIKEA! You come down!
For I going to your house today."

Hopefully Zacchaeus' wife knew that you don't have to be rich, just smart.


Tk log said...

Haha nice.

aimee said...

Thanks for the chat on tuesday. As always, you are such an encouragement to me.

Kids say the cutest things. This one kid that I was waiting on at Rocknes ordered chicken fingers for dinner. When I asked if he wanted any sauce, he responded ever so seriously, "applesauce please".

theGracegirl said...

That's so great! I was wondering where the title was going. I tried singing it in my head to the tune, and it just didn't work! I love it.