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After enduring some whiny complaints from my mom and I, skh uploaded some pics today so that we could see the fun that he and Maggie are having in Ohio.

I didn't really expect his fun to be crowned like this.

Especially for a birthday party for a dog.

Here's a couple pics of Mags, just because I miss her.

Maggie wears this dress for about 98% of the time she's at Grandma's house. She *loves* it.

Maggie's crown for Mocha's birthday

skh didn't get any pictures of Midget and Mocha eating their cupcakes (Maggie told me they made them for the dogs too), but here's one of the crowned child enjoying hers.

Cupcakes for Mocha's birthday


rachelann said...

i saw maggie at church last night and she told me ALL about the birthday party for the dogs and that they were making cupcakes today! she was very excited to see ellie!! i miss you!!

Cherie (Baker) Vann said...

thanks for liking spot! glad I found you online

Cherie (Baker) Vann said...

hey morgan, there are literally no pics of YOU on this entire blog!! what's up with that?? :)

bean said...

Hey, hey! Slander! There are two pictures of me that I know of. :) One is from when I was pregnant with my 2 1/2 year old, but whatever. If it makes you feel any better, hubby just posted way too many pictures of me at www.tohuvabohu.org . :)

Cherie said...

Morgan...Happy Anniversary! I was at your wedding. I remember you working on bottles of bubbles while you worked at GTY!
10 years! It goes fast doesn't it?
Rick and I are celebrating our
43rd this year.
I hope you're feeling better.


Leila said...

Did SKH take a picture with his iphone in case you missed that, too...?

bean said...

leila, of course! i can hardly wait the three days before i see the iphone again!!!

Elastigirl said...

Hey Morgan!
So good to hear from you on my blog today! How's it going out in good ol Washington? We love it out there and really miss it!
Enjoy it for us. :)

Bets(ey Dirkse)

sar said...

is that starbucks coffee in the background?? :D

bean said...

Sar -

Of course! Do you think my husband goes anywhere without Starbucks?! No no. :)