06SR - ben + maggie are friends

Are you afraid of this man?

One afternoon Maggie and I went to hang out in the main lodge with a few people, including Ben + Katie Hanson. By the time Maggie wanted to sit down, there was only one seat left at the table, and it was next to Ben. He was telling a story very excitedly in a loud voice, and Maggie kept a close eye on him as she was pulling her chair out. As he got louder, she started moving the chair away from him, never taking her eyes off of him. Ben noticed that she was scooting her chair away, and asked her, "Maggie, are you scared of me?". Without taking her eyes off of him, and continuing to move the chair away, she matter-of-factly said, "Yes I am".

As you can see from the next picture, she later decided that Ben is actually not so scary.


iron girl said...

I remember that. That was hilarious!

bean said...

hey, sarah, i like your profile picture! it's cool.

Shani said...

I love that about little ones! They become friends with people usually without any inhibitions. It's like this bit that Jerry Seinfeld had: "A couple of boys meet in the neighborhood. 'You like cherry soda? I like cherry soda, too. We're best friends.'" That's good to know that Maggie guards her heart, though♥! Ben is a great driver and fearless eater (and drinker, from those unique Jone's Sodas! I would purchase the 06SR DVD just for that and the Jaci Valesquez song).