06SR - some pictures of sean

I know they're supposed to be pictures of our kids, but I wanted to post these too...

Here he is "singing" his duet of "Flower In the Rain"with Jaci Velasquez. This year's rendition was made particularly special because of David Zimmer's (autographed) silver ladies' silk shirt.

Here is another picture from Tony Kevin. Notice the hat - made by Annie Grook.

Here is Sean with part of his posse of guys. That would be Tony on the left, Jesse Martin's head in the background, Micah-the-intern-Lugg videotaping and Chuck Weinberg in the blue hood. Sean is of course enjoying the power of wielding the megaphone.

Here he is, apparently thrilled to be getting ready to go home in our sweet ride. That's the intern there in the back. We like him.


clyde said...

I spent a portion of lunch today with Sean. I will say in the 2nd picture down he could be confused with Heath Ledger or Jake Gyllenhaal.

Tk log said...

I'm glad you posted it that way, Clyde. Although, I enjoyed conversing about what you wanted to say.

Mo, very good pics. I'm glad to be at the blog of a posting-fiend

skh said...

I'm really not sure what to say about an entire post devoted to hobbs' pictures. When can we expect a post of bean?

bean said...

hmmm, a bean post. nope.

clyde, because you are a friend, i will not delete your insulting comment. :)