maggie's friends

Maggie is on my lap, helping me write this post...

Maggie's very best friends are the Green children. Connor (pronounced "Con-NERT" by Maggie), Noah, Esther and Lydia. Before Christmas Jen (the Green mama) was taking the three older kids to some sort of Christmas activity at Warm Beach (actually not-so-warm) and kindly invited Maggie to go along with them.

Here they are, having a fun and blurry time. Maggie says, "Mrs. Green took pictures of us, and she said 'say cheese' and we did!", and "That's Con-NERT in the blue jacket".

Mags rarely gets candy, so she thought the candy cane was one of the best parts.

Con-NERT is going to marry Maggie someday...Maggie is sure of it. She tells us all the time.

I'm not sure what that is behind the kids...why does a Christmas tree need freaky lips? Maggie says it's just a talking tree.

Maggie thought the pony was really neat but did not want any part in riding it. She says the pony was too big for her.

Looks like everyone had a great time.


AndyB said...

Mo you have the cutest kids in the world. Magg Pie is awesome.

Tk log said...

those are the coolest pictures to ever hit the world wide web.

Gods girl said...

These are very cute pics. Just like the rest.

brooke t. higgins said...

Hey! I just recognized those mittens! I think Maggie and Connert will make a much better couple than Maggie and Elmo. :)