06SR - fun in the snow

(Well, at least it's less than a month since I last posted - maybe I can get back into doing this more regularly. By the way - thanks for all the comments! I know I haven't been very good about responding, but thanks for looking and commenting!)

Our one28 Snow Retreat was the first week of February, and I have a significant amount of pictures to post from it. However, if this does not satisfy your snow-retreat-picture-longings, check out this page on the one28 site for a ridiculous amount more.

Here are Maggie and Calvin ready to go out in the snow.

Calvin resembled a large, red, fleecy star fish.

Here are Ben + Katie Hanson (who are expecting their own little man baby in July) and LaShani escorting Maggie to the field. By the way, Maggie thinks the bus that's in the background is really cool and can't wait to ride in it.

Here is how to make a snow angel...

Maggie's super-cute friend Ellie Sarr brought her sled to the snow retreat...

Ellie loved riding in her sled until she fell, face first, into a snow bank. Then she decided that Maggie could ride for awhile.

Maggie convinced Patti Frisk to drag her around for a long time.

Then it was on to throwing snowballs. Thanks to Tony Kevin for these pics...

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