day at the farm

Here are some older pictures I couldn't pass up. Deidre Shannon came to visit us back in October and we took her to The Farm. (This is where I got to work during our first fall here in Washington. One of my duties was wrangling any pigs that got loose...a little different than my previous jobs.)

Maggie loves The Farm, and this was the first time she wanted to hold some of the animals. She told me that she loved this kitten "so very much".

She kept this pumpkin in her room for months and was quite upset when we had to throw it out.


Tk log said...

I love it!

Cherie said...

Morgan, how nice to come across a picture with you in it. Your blog is very fun. It's nice to catch up with your life as "wife and mommy".
We used to work together at GTY...remember?