maggie says...

"Do you miss your husband?"
- to me, while Sean was at the Shepherd's Conference

"Where are the cheese ones?"
- digging through a bag of fruit snacks...fortunately, we weren't able to find any

"If I give away all my stuff..."
- reciting 1 Corinthians 13:3

Part of a conversation between Maggie and GG...
GG - "What color are Mama's eyes?"
Mags - "Blue"
GG - "What color are Newman's eyes?"
Mags - "Green"
GG - "What color are GG's eyes?"
Mags - "Hazelnut"

This is clearly a house that drinks too much coffee.


grins said...

Maggie, I see you are learning some more of I Corinthians 13. I can hardly wait until you come to see us so that Grandpa and I can hear you say all of your verses! I know for a fact that God loves it when His children memorize and follow His Word. Keep up the good work!

Oh, and would you please hug Calvin for me? Love and Hugs -- Grandma (When you see my eyes, I want you to tell me what color they are, okay?)

Tk log said...

I loved the verse quote! I laughed pretty good.

Gods girl said...